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Argentine Minister launches attack on Bristol-based indigenous rights organisation amid British funded terrorism controversy
Argentine security minister Patricia Bullrich has made serious allegations about Bristol-based voluntary organisation, Mapuche International Link, accusing them and the British Government of supporting terrorism in Patagonia’s conflict MORE

False Allegations Against Mapuche International Link by Argentinian Government
"The Minister also wants to divert the public’s attention away from the disappearance of Santiago Maldonado and so stop the growing public protest demanding his reappearance after being arrested by the police.” MORE

Statement by Dame Nina Ahmed at the 33th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council
States unethical approach to indigenous rights as enshrined in the UNDRIP, including the right to development must be urgently addressed at both national and international levels MORE

Chilean Exiles & Students Protest Bachelet's London Visit as Chiloe Ecological Disaster Rages
Today, Mapuche Indigenous people are being subjected to military force with serious allegations of illegal detentions and torture, all under Bachelet's watch' MORE

Kingdom of Araucania and Patagonia Celebrates 74th Birthday of HRH Prince Antoine IV
Amidst an atmosphere of high energy, the much anticipated Royal event was well attended by visiting dignitaries, friends and supporters of the Kingdom, as well as its distinguished officials MORE

Written statement submitted by Auspice Stella to the UN Human Rights Council on the Mapuche Human Rights Situation
The increase of monoculture eucalyptus and pine, to the detriment of native forests and agricultural land, in addition to destroying ecosystems and damage to the environment, has compromised the food security of future generations MORE

Repression against the Mapuche people in Chile
On February 10, Mapuche people in Lleu Lleu in Southern Chile were subject to brutal police repression. They were beaten, arrested and their vehicles were burned by state agents MORE

Mapuche Nation: Hector Llaitul, spokesman of Mapuche Communities: “Our struggle is against forestry extractivism but never against our worker brothers”
The spokesman for the Coordinator of Mapuche Communities in Conflict (CAM), Hector Llaitul, referred to the situation MORE

Chile: Indigenous Mapuche leader Carbone violently arrested
A group of 15 police special forces (GOPE) in three different vehicles command him to leave his car and soon start to beaten Mijael Carbone Queipul according to eyewitnesses MORE

Chile's Mapuche-Pehuenche: 10 years after relocation
The indigenous people of one community say they are still patiently waiting for the compensation they were promised a decade ago after being displaced from their homes MORE

Chile: Indigenous Mapuches Say Governor Using Pinochet Anti-Terrorism Bill Against Them
A Chilean governor in the southern province of La Araucania is under fire for invoking a Pinochet-era anti-terrorism law after a failed bomb attack targeting regional capital Temuco’s prison MORE

CAM Claims Series of Actions Against Hydroelectric Dams and Forestry Companies in Wallmapu
We also claim the actions of sabotage, under the Nagche Pelentaro ORT-CAM, against the logging machinery in the Santa Elvira estate, in the township of Capitan Pastene, Lumaco MORE

Mapuche: Police Raid in Malleco
On Sunday 3 January 2016, the police raided a Mapuche community in Malleco using teargas MORE

Galvarino, the Mapuche Warrior with Knives for Hands
My brethren, why have you stopped fighting these Christians? The damage they have done since they entered our realm, and what they have done to me, is what they will continue to do if we are not diligent in destroying these injurious people MORE

Mapuche Woman Acquitted by Intercultural Jury
A Mapuche woman from Neuquén was found not guilty of attempted murder by the first intercultural jury trial in Latin America yesterday MORE

Mapuche: How Chile Use Terrorism to Demonise the Indigenous Peoples
When asked about the social conditions and legal protection of indigenous peoples in Chile, Ms Ñamku spoke about the deterioration of relations between the Mapuche and the Chilean authorities MORE

Chile: Human rights defender Juana Calfunao arbitrarily detained and then released
On 28 October 2015, human rights defender and indigenous leader, Ms Juana Calfunao Paillalef, was arbitrarily and violently arrested MORE

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
Chief Juana Calfunao Paillalef Receives Unprecedented Support from International Community in the USA
She spoke of the long history of violence and criminalization which has been applied to the community and to the Chief’s, and in particular to her family over four generations MORE

Indigenous Mapuche Leader, Chief Juana Calfunao Carries a Torch of Hope for her Nation to the Heart of America
Traditional Mapuche authority Chief Juana Calfunao Paillalef arrived in Washington DC, USA, to present a case for her peoples legitimate claim to ancestral territorial land rights, at the Inter-American Human Rights Commission MORE

Mapuche: Activists Condemn Minister’s Opposition to Autonomous Self-Government
After the Chilean Minister of the Interior, Jorge Burgos, declared that Mapuche’s intention to set up an autonomous self-government is ‘against the law’, activists have promptly condemned his disregard of International Law and indigenous rights MORE

Mapuche Territorial Resistance Group of the CAM claim responsibility for Sabotage
The Mapuche Territorial Resistance Group Lafkenche Laftraru of the Arauco Malleco Coordinator of Communities in Conflict (CAM) communicate the following to the Mapuche Nation and public opinion: MORE

Mapuche: Chilean Security Forces Hostile towards Occupiers
Mapuche Indigenous leaders criticized the Chilean government’s handling of an incident that took place on Monday in which Chilean military troops stormed the offices of the National Corporation of Indigenous Development (Conadi) MORE

Mapuche: Activists to Set Up Autonomous Self-Government
In response to the Chilean government’s refusal to negotiate and use of violence against Mapuche protesters, several activists including Aucán Huilcamán, head of the Council of All the Lands, have decided to declare autonomy MORE

Mapuche: Open Letter Written by Mapuche to Chilean President
We are communities that, historically, have struggled, with our ancestral lands usurped by the violence of the Chilean State MORE

Inalienable Rights of Colonized Peoples
A Call for Establishing an "Internal Decolonization Committee" by the General Assembly of the United Nations
Mapuche nation well-established political, judicial and governance systems based on like todays democratic principles. Furthermore, in 1860 a constitutional kingdom in Araucanía and Patagonia was founded by the Mapuche people MORE

Outrage over decision to let Chilean navy 'torture ship' dock in London
Chilean political refugees in Britain have reacted with outrage at the decision to allow the Chilean navy ship Esmeralda to dock in London MORE

Clashes between Mapuche and Truck Drivers at Blockade against Arsons
Violent clashes broke out in front of Chile’s presidential palace on Thursday as truck drivers blocking roads outside Santiago reached the capital to protest against arson attacks by indigenous rights militants MORE

Mapuche: Ranquil Community Occupies Agency for Indigenous Development in Temuco
On 17 August 2015, approximately 100 Mapuches occupied the building of the National Agency for Indigenous Development (Corporación Nacional de Desarrollo Indígena – CONADI) in Temuco to protest police repression and human rights violations MORE

Mapuche indigenous culture goes mainstream in Chile, becomes increasingly popular abroad
Nestled between high-rise buildings on a busy street in Chile's modern capital is a straw hut that's a sign of growing respect for the Andean country's long-disdained indigenous past MORE

UNPO Submits Report on the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples with Respect to their Cultural Heritage
Yesterday, 16 February 2015, UNPO submitted a report on the promotion and protection of the rights of indigenous peoples with respect to their cultural heritage to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), as a contribution to a study carried out by the Human Rights Council’s Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples MORE

UNPO Visits Mapuche Occupation Protest in Chile: "People of the Land Conquering One Pine Tree at a Time"
On 12 December 2014, a UNPO representative was taken to an [undisclosed] site and introduced to local Mapuche activists participating in a self-organized protest for the recovery of their ancestral lands usurped by tree farming companies growing non-native pines and eucalyptus trees on an industrial scale in the south of Chile MORE

3rd Toronto Mapuche Solidarity Film Festival
In memory of our WEICHAFE [WARRIORS] MATIAS CATRILEO & ALEX LEMUN, & the many others who have been murdered by the repressive forces of the Chilean State MORE

Mapuche: Indigenous Peoples Should Be Allowed to Decide About Their Future
In the case of the Mapuche, we have to have the possibility to decide our own future MORE

Chile: Mapuche March Demands Justice for Matias Catrileo
Today’s commemoration march in Santiago was met by more police violence. 21 arbitrary, violent arrests were made including a minor who may be facing a charge for possession of a Molotov MORE

Hector Llaitul pushes for Parole unto Concepcion Court of Appeals
The leader of the Arauco Malleco Cordinator is soliciting the Concepcion Court of Appeals to revoke the decision made by the parole board, which denied his claim last November MORE

Mapuche Stories Woven into QR Codes
Bert is a Chilean artist who migrated to the USA during the Pinochet era. In his new home, he developed a career making politically-charged art, drawing on the use of barcodes as signifiers of restricted information MORE

Mapuche Community Given ‘Benetton Land’ Titles
The National Institute for Indigenous Affairs (INAI) has formally recognised the Santa Rosa Leleque Mapuche community’s ownership of 535 hectares in Chubut, Patagonia MORE

Mapuche: Communities Draft Proposal for Law on Education in Argentina
Some Mapuche communities handed a proposal over to the vicegovernor Ana Penchen for the debate of the Ley de Educación, during a meeting that took place in Zapala, which shows the political will to incorporate the concept of “interculturality” in future legislation MORE

Defenders of Kintuante: Analysis by the defense of the trial and sentence convicting Machi Millaray Huichalaf, Chile, November 2014
On Thursday November 13 the verdict was given in the trial held against two Machi, Millaray Huichalaf and Tito Cañulef and two other defenders of "Kintuante" accused of Arson on the estate Pisu Pisue MORE

Chile: Police knocked a Mapuche minor of Mapuche community Mallekoche unconscious, November 18, 2014
A Mapuche minor of the community Mallekoche in the Malleko province was brutally assaulted by police after being arrested during a protest inside an estate against against a company affecting Mapuche ceremonial grounds MORE

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Demonstration in support of the Mapuche political prisoners on hunger strike
A call from Mapuche organisations in Santiago

mapuche demonstration
Letter handed to the Chilean Representative to the UK
. Mapuche International Link hold a public demonstration on Thursday (May 26) in support of four Mapuche political prisoners now entering DAY 70 of their hunger strike protest. MORE

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Tuesday 29th
September, 2015
12:00 Hs.
Palais des Nations

Internal Decolonization
Auspice Stella side Event at the Human Rights Council of the United Nations.

Details - Click here

Photo: Reynaldo Mariqueo and Mr. Rafael Moreno, Chilean Ambassador to the UK
A photos of the demonstration which took place on June 2, 2011 in support of the Mapuche political prisoners on hunger strike

Photos: UK NGO’s appeal to Chile for justice for jailed Mapuche hunger strikers/Day 80 MORE


For the indigenous Pehuenches, the Bio-Bio River is sacred. According to their traditions, if the river is not respected, Mother Earth will get angry, nearby volcanoes will erupt and the land will tremble with earthquakes. MORE
- Special Article from the Washington Times


Shale Oil Fuels Indigenous Conflict in Argentina

Palín: Playing for Mapuche rights

Mapuche: Families Occupy Ancestral Lands in Peaceful Protest

Chile: local Mapuche leader murdered

Mapuche Representatives Raise Indigenous Rights at European Institutions

UNPO Celebrates Indigenous Resistance in Amsterdam

Roth: Hydroelectric dams threaten access to water, way of life for Mapuche people

March brings Mapuche grievances to the capital on ‘Columbus Day’

Neuquén: Mapuche Community Blocks Access to Shale Oil Field

Mapuches March in Santiago This Sunday

Youth sympathizes with Mapuche, public policy falters

Mapuche Community Member Killed Run Over by Estate Worker with Tractor

Police, Mapuche protesters clash in Chile

Two Indigenous Mapuche Special Envoy from Chile at event in Amsterdam

For The Right To Exist, Resist & Overcome. $hile: 130+ Years of Military Occupation in Mapuche Territory

The Gift that Keeps on Taking: Using Development to Neglect Political Rights in Chilean Indigenous Policy

Neuquén: Major Gas Leak in Vaca Muerta Oil Field

Presentation by Atus Mariqueo-Russell to the UN Human Rights Council

Chile in Conflict–What Makes A Forest?

Unto the Threats of Power: No Silence or Complacency

Mapuche: Autonomous Community Assaulted by Para-Military Forces

In Chile, Dismissing Mapuche Resistance As Terrorism

The Anti-Terrorist Law vs. the Autonomist Mapuche Movement; Contributions to the Debate by Hector Llaitul

Arauco Malleco Coordinator of Mapuche Communities in Conflict (CAM) Communiqué

Human rights court annuls Mapuche convictions in historic decision

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights condemns the State of Chile for having used its antiterrorist legislation against members of the Mapuche people

An Anti-Terror Law is Inflaming Tensions in Chile's Indigenous Turf War

Argentina: Mapuche Community Takes Direct Action Against Oil and Gas Exploitation on Its Territory

Interior Minister called for formal grilling over Araucanía conflict

The Chilean Security Case: Juan Aliste Convicted to 42 years in Prison + Words from Juan, Freddy, Marcelo and Carlos

Historic land transfer to indigenous groups in focal point of conflict

Bachelet promises to buy and return disputed lands to Chile's tribes

Arson Attack in San Luis Estate in Vilcun [Wallmapu], Property of [Settler] Ewald Luchsinger

Mapuche film series aims to open dialogue, defend ancestral knowledge

Land-reclamation campaign by indigenous Mapuches scorches southern Chile

Debate over Mapuche conflict flares up as convict ends hunger strike

Mehmet Şükrü Güzel, Nominated for the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize

Chile to review anti-terrorism law after marathon hunger strike

Why Chile's Mapuche do business their own way

The Skeleton in Chile's Closet

Mapuche prison hunger strike at day 31, medical needs become grave

Mapuche prisoners again on hunger strike despite Chile's promises of change

Minister Meets Relatives of Mapuche on Hunger Strike

4th Public Statement from the Mapuche Political Prisoners on Hunger Strike in the prison of Angol, Chile

Q&A: Arenas on the failure of government to solve the Mapuche conflict

Mapuche healer takes guilty verdict in iconic arson case to high court

Chile: Water Activist to Be Jailed for “Slander”

Southern governor begins tenure with apology to indigenous community

Q&A: Juan Huenupan, defender of a dying language

Mapuche Political Prisoners begin hunger strike in Angol Prison

Bachelet sends bill to create new Women and Gender Equality Ministry

Will Michelle Bachelet address the struggle of the Mapuches?

The Chilean state apologizes to the indigenous Mapuches 'for taking their lands'

Mapuche activists suspected in Araucanía arson attack

Indigenous communities demand legislation to protect mother tongues

Chile: Celestino Córdova found Guilty

Terror case collapses as ‘activist’ witness admits being informant

Heroes on Horseback: Mapuche Women Protect the Nature of Patagonia

Young Chilean exhibits contemporary Mapuche art in downtown Paris

Mapuche activist faces life as notorious arson and murder trial begins

Delegation to UN: Chile to return all disputed indigenous land by 2016

UN hails Chile’s anti-discrimination law, damns treatment of Mapuche

Appeal For The Respect Of The Mapuche Rights

Forestry Model Violates Rights of Chilean Mapuche, Study Says

Women ride to the defense of their Patagonian valley

Attacks in Temuco: Mapuches or Anarchists?

Mapuche-Huilliche Community Granted Coastal Rights

Public Statement by Jaime Marileo Saravia, of the Mapuche community in resistance Boyen Mapu of Ercilla

Mapuche Conflict Requires Political Will, Says Chilean Ombudsman

Prince Antoine IV Invested as New Head of the Kingdom of Araucania and Patagonia

Public Statement by Mapuche Political Prisoner Gabriel Valenzuela From the Prison For Minors in Chol-Chol, Chile

Daniel Melinao Absolved of Charges for Alleged Murder of Police Officer

March on anniversary of death of Mapuche activist turns violent in Chile's capital

Mapuche Kingdom Mourns Death of Sovereign After 60 Year Reign

The Demise of a 21st Centuary Monarch, a Legacy Lives on

Mapuche Resistance Defies the State of Siege

Sabotage Attacks in Wallmapu unleash Government and Police Hysteria

Mapuche Leader Found Dead in Reservoir She Opposed

Funding for Mapuche entrepreneurs

Chile: The nation that's still waging war on Native Americans

Political Conviction against Mapuche Youth of Chekenko

Mapuche group presents study into land rights conflict

Mapuche Permanent Mission to the United Nations Press Release: Nelson Mandela Dead

Mapuche Conflict not Likely to Ease Under Bachelet

BOLIVIA: Two brothers of murdered Mapuche activist Rodrigo Melinao apply for asylum in Bolivia alleging human rights abuses

Mapuche communities oppose construction of airport on sacred land

UNESCO Recognizes Documents on the History of the Mapuche People

Chilean Justice Affirms Conviction against Mapuche Youth on Hunger Strike

Criminal Complaint Against Policemen Who Shot Mapuche Children In Ercilla Undergoes Preparation For This Friday

Bachelet Continues to Attack the Mapuche

Q&A: Award-winning indigenous poet Jaime Luis Huenún

The Mapuche’s Struggle for the Land

Fundo El Canelo and the unity of the Mapuche struggle

Prosecution of Collipulli refuses to receive family of murdered peñi Rodrigo Melinao

Human Rights Report Accuses Chile of Violations

Chilean Mapuche: Life in the Vicious Circle

Law firm seeks to expel indigenous community from ancestral land

Bachelet’s comments reinvigorate anti-terrorism debate

Public Statement by the Mapuche Political Prisoners on Hunger Strike in the Prison of Angol, Chile

Urgent news update on the health status of Mapuche political prisoner Jose Mariano Llanca Tori

Chile indigenous groups mark Columbus Day with protests

Chilean Special Forces Break Into Mapuche Community Spreading Fear And Destruction

Are Falkland Islanders the Mapuches of the South Atlantic?

Public Statement Of Mapuche Political Prisoner In Serious Health Condition, Chile

Chilean Supreme Court Annuls Trial Against Assasinated Mapuche And Preparatory Hearing Of Emblematic Leader Is Suspended

IHRC: Chile fails to protect rights of its indigenous people

Mapuche activist sentenced for attacking Chilean police officer

Argentina: Mapuche Blame Oil Campany Guards for Fires

Two Mapuche Communities Obtain Land Rights After 15 Years

UN Committee pushes for land reform in Chile

A dozen Mapuche held under Chile’s terrorist law absolved

MIL Letter to the Swiss Authorities: Political asylum for Flor Calfunao Paillalef!

Murder of Rodrigo Melinao revives Mapuche struggle

Public Statement by Mapuche community Wente Winkul Mapu before Preparation of Trial against their Werkén Daniel Melinao, Chile

Switzerland to Deport Indigenous Human Rights Activist

Communiqué of the Mapuche Permanent Mission to the United Nations

Police clash with protestors during Mapuche march in Santiago

UNPO Report Outlines Discrimination Suffered by the Mapuche in Chile

Mapuche man killed, community accuses Chilean police of murder

Public statement by Luis Marileo Cariqueo, young Mapuche Political Prisoner, from the prison of Angol, Chile

Chile must stop using anti-terrorism law against Mapuche indigenous group – UN expert

Mapuche Community Wente Winkul Mapu: Where the reconstruction of Wallmapu gains strength

Neuquén: Mapuche Protesters Occupy Oil Wells to Block YPF-Chevron Deal

The end of innocence: Mapuche children attacked and criminalized, Chile

Argentina: Mapuches occupy the National Institute of Indigenous Affairs

Luis Marileo, young Mapuche Political Prisoner, Angol Prison, Chile: "I publicly denounce the great setup by the anti-Mapuche prosecutor Luis Chamorro"