Police clash with protestors during Mapuche march in Santiago

August 12th, 2013 by Boris Andres Burgueño Rivas

Police arresting a Mapuche man

A march protesting the deaths of Mapuche community members Jaime Mendoza Collio and Rodrigo Melinao Lican has ended with police firing rubber bullets to disperse the crowd. Melinao was found dead last week near land guarded by police in Ercilla.

Monday August 12, 2013:
19:30 Hrs.

It called for a march in memory Mapuche Jaime Mendoza Collio and Rodrigo Melinao Lican, murdered by the Chilean state in times of "democracy". More than 100 people gathered at the front of Santiago Cathedral in Plaza De Armas in order to protest the rejection that exists militarized occupation Chilean Carabineros and Investigations Police (PDI) in the south.

The march fluidly street traffic towards Mapocho Ahumada, where protesters and called reached the metropolitan regional headquarters PDI to deliver his anger, by occupation handles this institution for a long time Indigenous Mapuche lands.

The demonstration was stirred to reach in order to start a fight without weapons and from off campus to show discontent from the place of research came armed Police (Headquarters Borgoño PDI) and about 10 troops with automatic weapons and shotguns came to scattered the mob who was raising his voice in anger for the crimes committed in the Araucanía, effective research body began to shoot from inside the main building, so then go armed with more ammunition, so avoiding all the safeguards that must maintain to not leave any wounded, noting the presence of independent press began firing into the air shot "Condor Trimpact" 3 projectiles inside rubbers 12 ga.

Five arrested was the outcome of this protest where PDI acted recklessly in his act to deter protesters.

Source: Demotix

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