August 13, 2014

Mapuche: Autonomous Community Assaulted by Para-Military Forces

Paramilitaries and their vehicles at a crossroads on a rural gravel road

In an open letter, Mapuche community leaders and members describe the ongoing human rights violations being committed by para-military forces against the Mapuche people in Chile. In one instance a mercenary group assaulted and attempted to rape a Mapuche woman. The letter also states that the current anti-terror laws that are in place provide a scapegoat for interest groups to commit human rights violations. The Mapuche demand that the government respond to these ongoing issues and problems. 

Below is an open letter by Mapuche community leaders translated by UNPO:

The repression in Chile is an ongoing and constant problem. A couple of days ago the thugs/para-military of the Trizano Commando Units [usually hired by oppressing entities such as the logging companies and other land usurpers] directly attacked and attempted to rape the mother of Huenchullan brothers Jorge and Jaime, werkens of the Autonomous Community of Temucuicui. The declaration from Chief Victor Queipul of the Temucuicui was quite clear.

The Para-Military Forces/Gendarmerie, in its current practices and presence serves to repress people of all ages. Those that go against them only face higher levels or repercussions. It is another way to shut down any opinions and intimidate those few who might speak out against the para-military forces. The real question here is, why the use of para-military forces? It is most likely because of those interest groups and people that have the most to gain, who demand more subjugation and to maintain the current “anti-terrorist” laws. This so called and mislabelled “Military Justice” allows these groups to commit all the human rights violations they want without facing repercussions. 

There is also the possibility that those that have “acquired” and usurped agricultural land that aren’t native Mapuche, are looking to sell those land at the “highest price” possible. Much in the same way that Jorge Luchsinger in the past and Rene Urban in the present are seeking to sell the lands they took. They both asked for well over 2 million pesos for lands that they deemed and reason to be worthless.

The lawyers will have to work hard trying to find some way to stop these new ways of oppression.

The government owes the people an explanation over these actions immediately!

Source: UNPO

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