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Benetton need to practice what they preach
Benetton operates many ranches in Argentina, mostly in Patagonia, and the local people are prevented from accessing ‘his’ rivers, a resource integral to their livelihood MORE

Chile Indigenous Policy Report Slams Celco and Pascua Lama Projects
The Chilean government's approval of large-scale business projects — including forestry company CELCO's waste duct to the Pacific Ocean and mining company Barrick Gold's Pascua Lama... MORE

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Conflict Over Andean Glaciers Heats Up
Diaguita indigenous communities in the area accuse Barrick of illegally acquiring part of the land needed to carry out the mining project, which, they say, historical documents prove forms part of their ancestral territory MORE

Greenpeace denounces Chile's CONAF for neglecting Alerce trees
Greenpeace accused CONAF of “complicity” with illegal logging of the alerce trees and promised to take legal action against the government agency - for the second time in two months MORE

Chile Group Calls for Salmon Farm Moratorium
A prominent Chilean environmental group called on Thursday for a government moratorium on expansion of the country's $1.5 billion salmon farming industry MORE

Chile: Environmentalists Oppose Move to Hand Over Parkland
Environmentalists in Chile are upset over a government decision to hand over part of a national park that is home to endangered species of trees, birds and mammals to a local indigenous community MORE

Tompkins takes a Stand against Salmon Industry in Chile
U.S. businessman and ecologist Douglas Tompkins has launched a campaign to freeze further developments in Chilean salmon farming MORE

Explaining Conaf's Failure to Protect Alerce Forests
Reports about the brazen destruction of Chile's protected millennium alerce forests have been in the news for the past five years, generating public concern and frustration over the government's inability to remedy the situation MORE

Fundacion Terram Launches Campaign to Protect Alerce Trees
The slow-growing alerce trees are unique to the temperate rainforests of southern Chile and Argentina. They are the second-longest-living tree species in existence MORE

Attorney Considers Lawsuit Against Government Agency
The judge investigating the illegal logging of Chile's ancient alerce forests in Region X has criticized the National Forestry Corporation (CONAF) for “shortcomings and mistakes.” MORE

Irregularities among Copec Arauco's pulp plant and the Chilean government
Chile's Regional Environmental Commission, voted to lift the sanction it had levelled against the country's largest cellulose plant that had led to the plant's precautionary closure just one month ago  MORE

Chile Halting Operations at Copec Pulp Plant
Chile's environmental agency on ordered Copec, one of the world's biggest forestry companies, to shut a large wood pulp plant until the company resolves several environmental problems at the facility MORE

Death threats and corruption fell giants of Chilean forests
The mighty alerce tree can live for 4,000 years, but legal loopholes, lack of political will and weak enforcement has ended effective protection in Chile for the species that has been declared a national monument MORE

Farmland Fight Moves to Isolated Argentine Woods
A boom in easy-to-grow genetically modified soybeans in Argentina, the world's No. 3 soy producer, has brought farming to plots never before seeded MORE

DC Politician Linked to CONAF Case
Chamber of Deputies approves committee to investigate illegal Alerce trafficking. CONAF is the government agency charged with overseeing Chile’s national parks and protecting endangered native tree species MORE

Community Response to Pact Between Big Timber and Environmental Groups in Chile
For decades, CMPC and Arauco have gained notoriety for destructive logging operations, displacement of farmers from lands, and violent repression against Chile’s indigenous Mapuche peoples MORE

Chilean Government writes off tax debt owed by top logging companies
The government cancelled tax debts of Chile’s largest and wealthiest companies, among them logging firms that have continued to drive the destruction of Chile’s native forests MORE

Forestry companies bend to environmental pressure
Chile's forestry sector will be exporting an estimated US$2.9 billion in products in 2004, and Arauco and CMPC account for about 80 percent of these exports MORE

Global warming could trigger mass extinction
Rising global temperatures over the next century could trigger a catastrophe to rival the worst mass extinction in the history of the planet, leading British scientists warned today

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Picture of a forest before and after deforestation
The Mapuche people are worried that their once flourishing forests are now being sold out to the likes of unscrupuous timber merchants who have no concern for their land


Chile's Mapuche people are losing their land and way of life as corporations log temperate rainforests to create tree farms, says an advocate from the South American country.


Chile aims to export genetically modified fruit

Sovereignty Debate Surrounds Chilean Nature Park

Chile Indians Block Hydro-Electric Dam Project

Goldman Sachs to create nature reserve in South Chile

Chile gains ground in nature conservation

Chile Kicks Off the Global Carbon Market

U.S. Electric Company PSEG Holding Causes Problems in Aysen, Chile

Where Forests Are Foes

An unfortunate ruling for Ralco project

Boise Cascade sanctioned for US $200.000 for destroying archeologigical heritage, environment

U.S. company leads trend toward ecologically certified wood

Canadian Industrial Giant Prepares Invasion of Patagonia

Chile's Coastal Range Road rerouted

Noranda halts environmental evaluation of Alumysa project

Chilean government's admissions fuel U.S. campaign against Chilean wood products

Chile dam plan: Death of a culture?

Salmon company pollutes and destroys lake on the Chile island of Chiloe

Boise and customers under fire for old growth destruction

Chile's Native Forests: Globally Rare, Irreplaceable & Disappearing Fast

Campaign to Protect Chile's Native Forests Sparks Frenzied Response

CEADA's forest submission meets criteria

Isabel Allende Helps Defend Native Forests

Forests submission of CEADA - Action Alert

Chile Eludes Environmental Clauses