Mapuche communities oppose construction of airport on sacred land


NEWS IN BRIEF. Indigenous groups critize Chilean Government for not taking care of cemetery, altar

Mapuche communities living around the town of Temuco are mobilizing against the construction of the new Araucania airport in central Chile. According to on-line newspaper El Clarín, Mapuche communities marched last week during a visit to the area by Chilean President Sebastián Piñera. Barricades were also erected. Mapuche protesters say the construction of the airport has led to the excavation of a cemetery and sacred lands have been profanated in order to build the landing strip.

Earlier this month, Mapuexpress reported that Mapuche communities were denouncing the withdrawal of a rewe (sacred altar) from the location where the airport is being built.

The Chilean Government argues that the construction of the new airport is necessary since the currently existing airport is too small.

Source: Nationalia

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