Arauco Malleco Coordinator of Mapuche Communities in Conflict (CAM) Communiqué

Posted on August 3, 2014


This communiqué is in regards to the latest meeting between the Chilean Interior Minister Rodrigo Peñailillo, other government representatives of the Right, such as Diego Paulsen, Rene Manuel Garcia and German Becker (of the Region of Arauco), and statements made by the current General Director of Chilean National Police, Gustavo Gonzalez Jure, over the increase of police in the area of Arauco and Malleco. Unto all the above, the CAM states the following:

1. Once the government of Michelle Bachelet had been instated, it has clearly shown the way that it will confront the growing demands of the Mapuche autonomist movement. On the one hand, they eco the pressures of corporate interests in Mapuche territory and on the other they have strengthened the militarization and repression against our communities.

2. The repression is mainly aimed to deter the struggle of areas under territorial control that affect forestry companies; especially those that find themselves in the areas of Arauco and Malleco. This together with the extension of Law 701 that seeks to continue the uncontrolled subsidization of forestry development.

3. With these signs it is clear they pretend to consolidate the administration of a neo-liberalist model in Wallmapu, deepening extraction and plunder, which expands through repression, prison and death against our Pu Peñi lamnien [Brothers/Sisters] that rise up in the autonomist Mapuche process.

4. Unto this scenario of provocation and confrontation, the CAM assumes with greater conviction its Anti-Capitalist conviction on the basis of self-defence and territorial control, in the struggle for autonomy and territory towards national Mapuche Liberation; not just consequent with its actions and projection as the only dignified revolutionary path, but also of the responsibilities that this implies as being Mapuche.

Free All Mapuche Political Prisoners!

Oust the Forestry Companies and Capitalist Investment in Wallmapu!!

Autonomy and Territory towards Mapuche Liberation!!

Political Commission, CAM (Arauco Malleco Coordinator)

Wallmapu, June 13th, 2014

Source: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu

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