Luis Marileo, young Mapuche Political Prisoner, Angol Prison, Chile: "I publicly denounce the great setup by the anti-Mapuche prosecutor Luis Chamorro"

Luis Marileo

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Friday June 28, 2013   
By Commission of Communications / / Campaign to Free All Mapuche Political Prisoners


I, Luis Marileo Cariqueo, 20 years old, from the Community Cacique Jose Guiñón, Ercilla, state:

Kiñe: that at being more than 10 months sequestered by the Chilean state, I publicly denounce the great setup by the anti-Mapuche prosecutor Luis Chamorro who until today has not accomplished anything significant in the case involving the death of farmer Hector Gallado Aillapan apart from lying and using large amounts of money to buy faceless witnesses and the family Gallardo, who, unfortunately, out of love for money and not for telling the truth, do not let the spirit of the dead rest in peace.

Epu: I have been harassed psychologically by the Chilean State: not letting me go to my grandmother's funeral, being the Chilean courts the ones that mocked me, because after firstallowing me to attend, then, under political pressure, they denied me permission.

Küla: That they continue persecuting me for previous charges, without any proof, by the prosecution of Victoria they keep me charged in the toll Kino  case, although the adults of that time already were acquitted, they keep me charged under the Anti-Terrorism Act despite that there is no evidence against me and at that time I was a minor. This cause is of the year 2009 and still they continue to persecute me.

Meli: Despite all of the above and the years I have been unjustly in prison, I stand firm, assuming with dignity the Judicial-political repression by the Chilean government.

Freedom for the Mapuche Political Prisoners  


Luis Marileo Cariqueo Angol prison, June 27, 2013

Source: Maricheweu International

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