Forestry Model Violates Rights of Chilean Mapuche, Study Says

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Santiago de Chile, Jan 19 - The current forestry model in Chile violates the rights of the Mapuche people and is an obstacle to its development, a study revealed today.

An investigation of the City Observatory and the International Work Group on Indigenous Peoples notes that Decree 701 of 1974 is harmful to the community.

The initiative aims to promote the exotic tree plantations on native forest care, causing irreparable damage to biodiversity and the Mapuches, the study stresses.

Quoted by radio station Radio Universidad de Chile, Pablo Huaiquilao, forestry engineer member of the Pewun Kimun Corporation, stated that it is large-scale monoculture exotic model.

"The state subsidizes it and generates money with subsidy of the Mapuches, we are those who pay the costs", the expert said.

According to the City Observatory, despite it "ensure prevention of degradation, protection and recovery of soils of the national territory", the decree is harmful because "nor the companies, nor the State have been responsible for the adverse effects."

Source: Prensa Latina

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