MONDAY, APRIL 28, 2014

4th Public Statement from the Mapuche Political Prisoners on Hunger Strike in the prison of Angol, Chile

three people, standing in front of a Mapuche flag, showing their support for the hunger strikers with posters of the three

The Mapuche Political Prisoners on hunger strike in prison in Angol, make it known to the local, national and international public opinion that: 

Kiñe: We stress again that our strike will firmly continue to the end and so far there is no will of the government to want to resolve our petitions.

Epu: Last night around 02:00 am, we had a decompensation in our health status, we had to be taken to the hospital in Angol by the gendarmerie of this prison, Leonardo Quijón and Cristian Levinao, suffering headaches, dizziness, chest pain, leg cramp, becoming sometimes totally unresponsive due to this decompensation, moments later our peñi Jose Mariano Llanca Tori was also taken to the hospital due to complications of his illness, this time for calcification of the vesicle. Reminding you that up to this point we are 19 days on hunger strike. 

Küla: Due to the indolence of this government, we as Mapuche political prisoners on hunger strike call on you to demonstrate, by either tomorrow going to the mass visit  from 10:00 hours onwards in the prison of Angol or Tuesday 29 April to the marches to be held in Santiago, Concepción and Temuco.

Meli: Tell this Government to take responsibility for our petition, as it was they who condemned us with their persecution, criminalization, harassment while using protected witnesses and adhering to the setups created by the prosecution, particularly by the anti-Mapuche prosecutor Luis Chamorro Días, violating the right to a fair defense and surpassing their own internationally made agreements. 

Kechu: Leave freedom of action for the communities in resistance and the social  movements sympathetic to our cause, performing any action in support of our hunger strike. 

Freedom for the Mapuche political prisoners!!! 

No more judicial setups!! 

Demilitarization of our territory!! 


Source: Maricheweu International

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