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Environmental Uncertainty

As we enter a new year, British meteorologists are warning us that 2003 is likely to become the hottest year since records began.

As global warming pushes on, we are left wondering what could possibly be in store for us, our children, and future generations.

In this, the first topic of our forum we ask the following:

"Are you anxious about the future? Do you believe enough is being done to tackle global warming?"

Share your ideas and opinions on how we can best solve the environmental problems that we presently face, and those which threaten future generations.

I don't know too much about politics in general or the issue of global warming but I think everyone, the public and governments, need to do their part in combating the destructive forces of our modern world. We need to be better informed and we need clear information on how to save our environment just by simple everyday means, such as recycling, substituting unleaded petrol, using public transport or bikes instead of cars, making an effort to avoid over-consumerism etc, and we need to be made to realize how important all this is to maintain a healthy world. It is too easy to fall into a passive state of mind and ignore the warning signs.
Bo Button <tankgirl@warzone.fslife.co.uk>
UK - Wednesday, February 26, 2003 at 11:55:09 (EST)

I welcome reading more about environmental issues, and I cannot pretend to know a great deal on these matters. I am concerned that ordinary people are not being given clear and authoritative data on the dangers that are facing us from their everyday sources of information. This may be because of vested interests, government policies and apathy or ignorance on the part of the public at large. I feel that if the dangers are so great, then it will take the education of people through the media to make these issues important enough to cause everyday people to know why they have to make changes to the way they live their lives. For example, many people would give up using their cars so often if public transport provided a reliable and viable alternative. Food and goods supplied globally by air and sea, and transported across countries, increase pollution and consumption and discourage self sufficiency; yet we have let local small businesses go to the wall and have allowed the supermarkets and major outlets to dominate our shopping experience, and the prices we pay. I think change needs to happen at an individual level as well as at corporate and governmental levels if we are ever going to see the likes of the citizens of the USA putting enough pressure on their government to will them to participate at international summits seeking to deal with and legislate on environmental issues such as global warming and the affects it brings on the world.
J. S. <jennys@inspirit.fsnet.co.uk>
Great Britain - Tuesday, January 14, 2003 at 11:43:02 (EST)

As a person who is concerned about environmental matters, I am not convinced that enough is being done to tackle the climatic problems we are currently facing. I believe that this is a problem due to ignorance and selfishness, industrial greed and lack of political will. I also believe it to be a problem of our over-consumption of earth's limited and much depleted resources. The solution needs to be arrived at by common consensus involving governments, industry and the peoples of the world, to act wisely and responsibly where necessary, to combat a problem that is likely to grow exponentially unless drastic measures are taken to safeguard our long term survival.
M. Carless
Bristol, United Kingdom - Tuesday, January 14, 2003 at 10:46:05 (EST)

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